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Meet our leaders

Megan Leslie
President & CEO
Photo: © Meghan Tansey Whitton / WWF-Canada

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Mary MacDonald
Senior vice-president & chief conservation officer
Stephen Hutchinson
Senior vice-president, operations & CFO
Martha Hancock
Senior vice-president,
Photo: © Mary MacDonald
Photo: © Glenn Lowson / WWF-Canada
Photo: © Evan Aagaard / WWF-Canada
  • Paul Crowley

    Vice-president, Arctic

  • Monte Hummel

    President emeritus

  • Sarah Winterton

    Director, nature in economy & communities

  • Peter Ewins

    Lead specialist, species conservation

  • Hussein Alidina

    Lead specialist, oceans

  • Andrew Dumbrille

    Senior specialist, sustainable shipping

  • Janice Ryan

    Senior specialist, fisheries conservation

  • Kim Dunn

    Manager, National Oceans Governance

  • Rachel Wang

    Specialist, forage fish & marine conservation

  • Anthony Merante

    Specialist, freshwater

  • Elizabeth Hendriks

    Vice-president, freshwater

  • Sigrid Kuehnemund

    Vice President, Oceans

  • Jeffrey Chu

    Director, human resources & operations

  • Brandon Laforest

    Senior specialist, Arctic species & ecosystems

  • Simon Mitchell

    Senior specialist, freshwater, St. John River

  • Devika Shah

    Senior manager, strategic initiatives

  • Jessica Park

    Manager, arctic

  • Colleen Parker

    Specialist, western Arctic

  • Catherine Elizabeth Paquette

    Specialist, freshwater

  • James Snider

    Vice-president, science, research & innovation

  • Sophie Paradis

    Director, Quebec region

  • Philippe Devos

    Director, communications and media

  • Rinjan Shrestha

    Lead specialist, Asian Big Cats

  • Doug Chiasson

    Senior specialist, Arctic fisheries

  • Emily Giles

    Senior specialist, species conservation

  • Farid Sharifi

    Lead Specialist, Renewable Energy

  • Sarah Saunders

    Specialist, marine protection and renewables

  • Heather Crochetiere

    Specialist, freshwater