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Martha Hancock

Senior vice-president, development

“Increasingly, donors want to be engaged in the cause and contribute directly to the impact they are funding. They want to bring their time, their treasure, their voice and their network to bear on issues they feel passionate about. The existential nature of the environmental crisis we are now facing means we need everything they have to offer. It’s a complex but exciting idea that we can help mobilize and focus this energy for change, and bring about the low carbon future, wildlife-friendly future we so desperately need.”

Martha Hancock brings her wealth of corporate experience in social responsibility and marketing to the business of raising the funds WWF-Canada needs to carry out its important conservation work in Canada and abroad.

She moved from the corporate world to the not-for-profit sector in early 2017 to put her passions and skills to work creating solutions to the most serious conservation challenges facing our planet, especially climate change. 

She has previously been the chief environmental officer and head of philanthropy and sponsorship at Manulife Financial, where she wove social-responsibility into the global brand and business strategies and gained experience in environmental-risk management, corporate community investment and corporate sponsorships. Prior to Manulife, she held senior marketing strategy roles at Royal Bank of Canada, which included activating its green strategy for commercial clients.

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Martha Hancock
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LIVES & WORKS IN: Toronto, Ontario


BA (Hons) University of King’s College/Dalhousie University, Halifax
MBA, Schulich School of Business, York University


FAVOURITE SPECIES: Coelacanth, a living dinosaur-era fish that reminds us of the long history of life on Earth.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Martha’s first career was in theatre as a director and stage manager.