Steven Price

Senior Director, Conservation Science and Practice

Steven Price leads the Toronto-based thematic team of conservation experts for WWF-Canada, reporting to the Chief Conservation Officer. Forests, freshwater, endangered species, marine/seafood, mining and conservation operations comprise the team’s current range of expertise. Where needed, Steven’s team will provide support to the regional offices across Canada which focus on ‘ecoregional’ conservation. Gaining lessons and leverage from the ecoregion experiences, the team will also pursue national policy reform and partnerships that advance WWF’s mission throughout Canada and around the world.

Steven has worked at WWF-Canada for 27 years, previously on Canadian forest and FSC projects, Latin American conservation, and endangered species protection. He has earned a zoology B.Sc. and a botany M.Sc., both from the University of Toronto. Outside of work, he enjoys cottage life, birds, and canoeing, along with his wife and two grown children. In meetings, he prefers to sit facing the window, in case an endangered peregrine falcon flies by.
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