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Leading with Science

Everything WWF does is grounded in science. We use the best available data and sophisticated modelling tools to understand ecological connections, identify pressing issues and develop effective conservation strategies. 

Each project is unique, of course, but browse through the work we're doing and you'll find a few key themes emerge.

Because species and ecosystems are affected by all kinds of different activities, we look at how the impacts of those activities add up — something that scientists call “cumulative impacts.” And because one of the biggest impacts on our planet today is climate change, much of our work focuses on cutting greenhouse gas emissions and developing conservation strategies that take into account new climate realities. We call it getting climate smart. 

We also recognize that economics drives many of the decisions people make each day. By putting a value on all the services that nature provides for free, we’re helping governments, businesses and individuals make more sustainable choices. 

Finally, we use science to protect the species and conserve the spaces that make up the rich tapestry of life on Earth. 

As a result, we achieve success where it counts: on the ground.