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	© Frank PARHIZGAR / WWF-Canada

A New Approach

Helping restore Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River

Thanks to your support, the International Joint Commission (IJC) is now reviewing many positive comments in support of Plan 2014 (formerly called Bv7).  Plan 2014 will help ensure a healthy future for this iconic water system by returning water levels to more natural levels and restoring the ecosystem for local communities and wildlife. 

Later this year, the IJC will incorporate public comments and refer the proposed regulation plan to the the federal governments of Canada and the United States, which will make the final call on whether Plan 2014 will be enacted.

Photo credit © Robert Michaud / WWF-Canada

Why Plan 2014 is Important

For many years, the St. Lawrence River has stood out as a place of real concern.  It is clear, from significant research by the International Joint Commission – which governs cross-border water bodies for Canada and the U.S.A. – and by governments and others on both sides of the border, that one of the most significant opportunities to restore the health of this ecosystem involves managing the flow of the river and lake levels in a way that reflects a more natural state. A new plan to make that happen is finally coming together. If implemented, it will be historic.

Photo credit © Jodi Cobb/National Geographic Stock / WWF-Canada

Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River are part of a massive body of water that intersects national, provincial and state borders. It is home to a number of communities and businesses, as well as wildlife.   Plan 2014 (formerly called Bv7) – a smart, science based plan for the river and the lake that WWF strongly supports — will be a major step forward for the health of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River ecosystem while respecting the concerns and needs of all stakeholders.

Photo credit © Greg STOTT / WWF-Canada

The iconic Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River watershed needs and deserves our help to become and stay healthy for generations to come.