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The Opportunity

Canada has a wealth of clean freshwater. We’re home to some of the last, large wild rivers on Earth. We have one fifth of the world’s freshwater. Our country ranks among the world's top nations in renewable water supply. We understand that for our communities and economies to survive, we need our rivers, lakes and aquatic species to thrive.

Painting a Picture

WWF is working toward assessing the health of and threats to every watershed across Canada by 2017. This knowledge will provide WWF, water stakeholders and government with the opportunity to make better decisions to protect water health and with baseline information to monitor how we’re doing.

Citizen Action

Engaged citizens and water groups across the country are working on the ground to monitor, improve and protect their local waters, a wide network that WWF is working with toward its goal to see all waters in good condition by 2017.

Canadians Care

Canadians are deeply connected to their lakes and rivers and are demonstrating support to safeguard their water health into the future. Communities are engaging in dialogues for their rivers like New Brunswick's St. John, where a process is underway to decide its future health. Across the country, individuals are demonstrating a shared commitment to take action with 35,000 people participating in shoreline cleanups. Citizens are calling for laws and policies to protect their water health, as in British Columbia where 94 per cent polled called for new water laws to make protection of water for nature a priority.

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WWF Freshwater Ambassador Scott Niedermayer helped support a strong new water act for British Columbia.