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Status Report

Canadians deserve to know the status of their fresh water, and now they can with WWF’s Watershed Reports.

Years of research by WWF-Canada — with help from 171 community organizations groups, water agencies, First Nations, researchers, governments and industry — found significant disturbances from urbanization, forestry, municipal and industrial pollution, agricultural runoff, climate change, pipeline incidents, oil and gas development, hydropower dams and other activities.

At the same time, massive data deficiencies for health indicators prevent an informed understanding of the impact of these human activities on watersheds.

Read the report or explore watershedreports.wwf.ca to learn more about the state of the Canada’s watersheds — including your own.

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WATERSHED REPORTS: A national assessment of Canada’s freshwater

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	© Tessa MACINTOSH / WWF-Canada
The Cameron River flows over rocks in the Northwest Territories, Canada.
© Tessa MACINTOSH / WWF-Canada