Sustainable transportation

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Making Transportation Sustainable

Let’s face it. We live in a culture dominated by cars. The majority of us rely on our vehicles to go to work, the grocery store, the doctor’s office, you name it.

However, depending on fossil fuels is like a consuming steady diet of fast food: eventually we suffer the consequences.

Every litre of gasoline we burn releases more planet-warming greenhouse gases. And with transportation accounting for 30 per cent of Canada’s total greenhouse gas emissions, our fondness for the internal combustion engine is driving global climate change.

Sources of GHG emissions
Transportation of people and goods is the source of nearly a third of Canada’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

Worse, greenhouse gas emissions from road transportation have grown 35 per cent since 1990 and show no sign of declining.

What’s the prescription? One of the simplest strategies is to avoid creating unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions. Instead of driving, walk or bike. When that’s not practical, we can reduce the impact of transportation by making it as efficient as possible through public transit, carpooling and car sharing.

However, not all Canadians can ditch their cars. In order to create the drastic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that we need — and to help WWF-Canada achieve its goal of 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050 — we have to replace the internal combustion engine with electric vehicles, and we need to get started now with ambitious goals!

Carbon reduction strategies
A mix of transportation solutions are necessary to tackle climate change in Canada.

By flipping the switch to electrified transportation, we can drive climate solutions.

600,000 Electric Vehicles

WWF-Canada is taking bold strides towards a climate-friendly future. In 2012, we’re launching a nation-wide campaign to champion electric-powered transportation.

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