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Going Electric

Why switch to electric vehicles? First of all, they’re more efficient. Electric motors transfer 75 per cent of their battery power to the wheels, losing very little energy as waste heat. Compare that to the internal combustion engine, which converts just 20 per cent of gasoline energy into forward motion.

So even if you plug your electric vehicle into a grid powered by coal, you’ll still produce less greenhouse gases than a similar gas-fuelled car. You’re not merely moving the tailpipe to the electricity’s source. Instead, you’re measurably reducing emissions.

The picture gets even better with green electricity. In B.C., where electricity comes mainly from renewable sources, electric vehicles release 97 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than their gasoline-powered counterparts. Which means that as we add more renewable energy to provincial electricity grids, the benefits of electric vehicles just grow and grow.

That’s why WWF-Canada has set ambitious goals to electrify Canadian transportation.

Provincial impact of electric vehicles
How much greener is it? Here’s some help If you’re wondering whether you’re better off with an EV or fuel-efficient gas car. If you can find a gas powered car that’s got a lower rating (L/100Km) than our calculated EV fuel efficiency rating for your province, then it’s a more environmental choice. But in almost all provinces this will be an impossible challenge!

And then there are the financial benefits. Electric vehicles may cost a little more up front than conventional cars, but once you get behind the wheel, the savings add up. A pure electric vehicle can slash your fuel costs by 80 per cent and cut your maintenance costs in half. Learn more about the experience from our real-world EV ambassadors.

Don’t forget, EVs are only a piece of the transportation solution to climate change. Find out what else can be done!

To learn more about electric vehicles, check out our Frequently Asked Questions on EVs.

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