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Notes from our donors

We asked our donors why they support nature and wildlife through World Wildlife Fund Canada. Here’s what they said.

If wildlife is lost, so are we.

William E., Ontario

Humans need to realize we share Earth with other living things. We are all part of a greater ecosystem. If we don’t advocate, who will?

Shelagh M., Manitoba

I would really like our children and children’s children to be able to enjoy animals that are now at risk. We must do everything in our power to help control climate change so that these animals will remain.

Donna W., Ontario

I cannot imagine a world in which beautiful land and marine animals do not exist. When I look at these animals, I see nature at its best. What a wonderful world!

Joyce L., British Columbia

Every single creature, every single plant, every drop of water and breath of air is necessary for the survival of this planet. To extinguish forever any one of these, no matter how minute, seriously undermines the entire balance and ensures uncertainty for all.

Myrna B., Ontario

I want future generations to see and love the beauty of our planet. We do not want a future of species extinction.

Jolaine D., Quebec

We live on this planet together. The plants, animals, habitats/environments and humans all play a part in sustaining [our planet] for future generations. The balance of all these components is crucial for a bright future.

Fern F., Ontario

“It’s important to protect nature because the whole of nature is interdependent. The loss of one species can upset the delicate balance and have irreversible consequences long into the future. Humans are not immune to this phenomenon.

Rahmatoola R., Ontario

It’s the wildlife that brings out the true beauty and wonder in a forest, meadow, marsh or even your own backyard.

Paul S., Manitoba

All life is a great web and when we lose even one small part of it, the whole is damaged. For our own sake, we must protect nature.

Rosemary P., Ontario