In 2017, Canada’s 150th birthday, the first 150 people who include a gift to wildlife through WWF-Canada in their Will will receive an exclusive signed 12” X 16” print of Paddlers by Robert Bateman. This print is only available through WWF.

Robert Bateman’s evocative painting style, featuring wildlife in its habitat, encourages the viewer to closely observe and understand the natural world. In addition to being one of Canada’s (and the world’s) best-known artists, he is a naturalist, recognized by the Audubon Society as one of the 20th century’s “Heroes of Conservation”. He is a spokesman for many environmental and preservation issues, using his art to raise millions of dollars for these causes.

"Paddlers is an apt title for this piece because it depicts a waterfowl and a canoeist, both of which move through the water by paddling. The loon is to me the icon of the Canadian North - its distribution map is approximately the map of Canada. The call of the loon is part of the soundscape of the Canadian wilderness.

From Prehistoric times it was the canoe that carried humans across our country ... our First Nations people, followed by the coureurs de bois. Through the decades, volunteers have built portages so that canoes can be carried from lake to lake.

Although I meant this painting to be universal, I had in mind Pierre Elliott Trudeau. He owned a birch bark canoe and used it as he travelled through the wild areas of our land."

Robert Bateman

The Conservation Plan

David Miller, President of WWF-Canada and Robert Bateman propose to present the original of Paddlers to Canada, via Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2017 to honour the 150th Anniversary of Confederation. In keeping with the theme of the painting, WWF is urging the Federal Government to make an unprecedented commitment to conserving freshwater in Canada.

WWF hopes that the Prime Minister will present prints of Paddlers to our 13 provincial and territorial leaders, encouraging each of them to also make a commitment to conserve our freshwater legacy.

How You Can Receive Your Print:

Call Sarah Zachariah at 1-800-267-2632 X 27311
Email Sarah at szachariah@wwfcanada.org