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Help Keep the Beaufort Sea Brimming with Wildlife

Buy this gift today and receive a personalized certificate that tells your friend they are helping to Keep the Beaufort Sea Brimming with Wildlife, and making sure that commercial development in the region fully protects sensitive ecosystems.

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Give a gift that makes a real difference. Gift recipients receive a personalized certificate that shows you care. Your gift will help WWF-Canada work with scientists to identify key habitats used by Beluga Whales, Bowhead Whales, Bearded Seals and Polar Bears in this unspoiled Arctic region. Make them smile at such a unique and interesting gift!

This Arctic Paradise Has an Uncertain Future

The Beaufort Sea Marine ecoregion is part of the Arctic Ocean, and is located off the coasts of the Yukon and Northwest Territories and extends to Alaska and NE Russia. Its pristine, icy waters are among the least explored in the world. Much of the northern Beaufort Sea is completely frozen during the year.

Although harsh in climate, the Beaufort Sea is a vital habitat for bowhead whales, beluga whales, polar bears and many other marine species. It is still relatively untouched by commercial interests. But soon, that could change. Many believe there are large petroleum reserves in the area, perhaps larger than the proven reserves in the nearby Mackenzie Delta and Alaskan North Slope. There is increasing pressure for development of offshore oil and natural gas deposits. Managing these commercial pressures, on top of environmental stress caused by rapid climate change, poses a big challenge.

Before companies are allowed to dig for oil and gas deep beneath the Arctic seafloor, much has to be done to understand and safeguard key marine species and their essential habitats. Working through Inuit communities, we must identify where development is appropriate and where conservation should take precedence. Furthermore, before opening these sensitive ecosystems to major industrialization, we must develop proven methods for recovering oil spills in such iced waters. At present no such techniques exist.

How WWF-Canada is Helping

WWF-Canada is leading the way by connecting scientists with their indigenous counterparts to identify key habitats used at different times by these species. Together with governments, local peoples and industry, we are supporting aerial surveys of marine mammal use of habitats near the continental shelf; satellite telemetry measurements of polar bear activity; and we're working to make sure that any commercial development of the Beaufort Sea region fully protects sensitive ecosystems.

When you Keep the Beaufort Sea Brimming with Wildlife, you'll help WWF and our partners protect key breeding and feeding areas for Polar Bears, Beluga and Bowhead whales – before it's too late. You'll help make sure that any industrial activity in the Beaufort Sea region truly adheres to the principles of "Sustainable Development”, and that proper ecosystem-based plans are in place before new areas are opened up for industrialization.

With your gift, you will make conservation a first priority for the Beaufort Sea Marine Region. And help the region's sensitive marine species stay healthy and active, not just today, but for generations to come.

For $75, you can tell someone they are helping to Keep the Beaufort Sea Brimming with Wildlife.

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