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Help a Polar Bear Keep Cool

There are few symbols of Canada's Arctic more majestic than the polar bear. When you Help a Polar Bear Keep Cool, your personalized certificate explains how you are helping to fight the impact climate change is having on polar bear populations, while also increasing the chances of this magnificent creature's long term survival.

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Buy this gift right now and for only $100, you'll be helping polar bears in the Arctic survive one of the biggest threats to their existence.

Without You, Polar Bears are on Thin Ice

Global warming isn’t a future threat—it's here. The effects are most noticeable in the Arctic : Canada's Arctic is melting faster than anywhere else on the planet.

Climate change is causing sea-ice to thin and vanish from parts of the polar bear's range for increasing periods during the summer, forcing the bears to fast until the sea-ice returns. The result is thinner bears, reduced survival of cubs, and a decrease in the overall polar bear population.

Scientists are predicting that the Beaufort Sea and Western Hudson Bay polar bear populations could disappear by 2050. Given that two-thirds of the world’s polar bears live in Canada, we Canadians have a special responsibility to protect their fragile habitat.

At WWF, our global scope and track record of success make us uniquely qualified to work closely with government and industry to fight climate change.

With this gift, you are helping WWF build resilience in the arctic ecosystems. You are also supporting our work with key partners to identify and protect a network of polar bear areas critical for denning, feeding and birthing to help the majestic polar bears survive beyond the end of the century.

With your gift, you are also contributing to WWF-Canada push for climate change solutions at national and international levels, while helping identify and protect the fragile hunting and denning areas for this beautiful icon of Canada's Arctic.

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