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Help a right whale swim freely

Help Save One of the Most Endangered Large Mammals on the Planet. Help a right whale swim freely. Your personalized certificate explains how your gift will help protect these magnificent gentle giants of the oceans..

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Buy this gift right nowand for only $75, you'll help ensure that Right Whales rebound from the devastation caused by entanglements with fishing gear.

More than two-thirds of known Right Whales swim through the waters off eastern Canada each year.

Yet only an estimated 450 North Atlantic Right Whales remain in the ocean. Their population growth is still severely threatened by human activity. Entanglements in fixed fishing gear represent the second leading cause of right whale deaths.

Two areas of concern in Canadian waters include the Grand Manan Basin in the lower Bay of Fundy and Roseway Basin off southwestern Nova Scotia. Both areas are crucial for feeding, socializing, and nursing newborn calves. The waters in these areas, and the areas surrounding them, are where the chances of entangling a whale are greatest.

When you Help a right whale swim freely, you'll help scientists conduct important research and monitoring as to where and when whales swim, what fishing gear is riskiest to whales, and how fishermen and government can work together to reduce the danger of entanglement in fishing gear.

With your gift, you'll help improve conservation and survival measures in Canada. And help make one of the world's largest mammals feel right at home here in Canada!

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