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One Planet City Challenge 
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One Planet City Challenge

Your city can inspire the world: participate in WWF’s 2017-2018 One Planet City Challenge

About One Planet City Challenge

WWF created the One Planet City Challenge to shine a light on cities inspiring others with their work in providing sustainable solutions in housing, transportation and energy for residents.

Since 2011, WWF has engaged more than 320 cities across five continents, awarding national and global winners for  remarkable efforts in moving the needle on sustainability.

The theme for this year’s One Planet City Challenge, previously known as the Earth Hour City Challenge (EHCC), is sustainable transport and mobility. The One Planet City Challenge invites cities to:

  • Highlight sustainable mobility efforts

  • Demonstrate accountability through ambitious public climate commitments and transparent reporting of climate data 

  • Report inspiring, big win climate actions, in terms of science-based GHG reductions

  • Have ambitious and strategic action plans to meet stated commitments

  • Lead, with respect to local context and conditions

  • Demonstrate how they are delivering on the 2015 Paris Agreement


 Why join the One Planet City Challenge?

  1. Chance to win the title of national and global winner

  2. Put your city on the map of climate leaders

  3. The carbonn®  Climate Registry (cCR) is the world´s leading reporting platform to enhance transparency, accountability and credibility of climate action of local and subnational governments

  4. Support for reporting and feedback on your climate and energy work (finalists get feedback from the international jury of experts)

  5. Winner gets international recognition as a climate leader

How to participate in the One Planet City Challenge

Cities are invited to report relevant data, plans and actions via the world's leading carbon reporting platform for local governments and regions, carbonn® Climate Registry, cCR, managed by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. Outreach and support to cities is provided in collaboration with ICLEI and the final plans and data are reviewed by an international jury.

Cities wishing to participate in the One Planet City Challenge need to create an account in the cCR; there they can also register for the 2017-2018 OPCC. The city will be recognized as a “cCR-registered city” as long as data is reported in the profile section. By registering for the OPCC, the city will also be counted as an OPCC participating city. Once the city has met the minimum reporting criteria, it will be recognized as an OPCC candidate city. More information can be found at:

Registration and Data Reporting as an OPCC candidate includes the following steps:

  1. The city registers on cCR and agrees to the cCR Terms and Conditions. Register on cCR here!
  2. The city indicates interest in joining the OPCC from its cCR account and agrees to the cCR Terms and Conditions for OPCC Candidates
  3. The city downloads the reporting sheets that will be pre-populated with previously reported data, if the city has formerly participated in the OPCC.
  4. The city submits its completed cCR reporting sheets, with all required information, to the Bonn Center for Local Climate Action and Reporting (email to before September 29, 2017 – the closing date for OPCC candidate cities. Before the final deadline, cities can also benefit from up to two rounds of feedback to improve their chances, by reporting before June 15, 2017. Cities reporting before August 12, 2017 can access one round of feedback.  

For more information check out the global One Planet City Challenge website.

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