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Earth Hour City Challenge

Participate in Earth Hour City Challenge

The theme for this year’s Earth Hour City Challenge (EHCC) is “Bridging the Gap”, which refers to the gap between the aggregated global climate commitments and the additional action necessary to keep global warming below the 2 °C mark. The Challenge invites cities to:
  • Demonstrate accountability through public ambitious climate commitments and transparent reporting of climate data 
  • Report inspiring, big win climate actions, in terms of GHG reductions as well as the benefits they provide in relation to food, water and energy security challenges

Why join Earth Hour City Challenge?

  1. Chance to win the title of National and Global Earth Hour Capital
  2. Put your city on the map of climate leaders
  3. The carbonn Climate Registry (cCR) is the world´s leading reporting platform to enhance transparency, accountability and credibility of climate action of local and subnational governments
  4. Support for reporting and feedback on your climate and energy work (finalists get feedback from the international jury of experts)
  5. Winner gets international recognition as a climate leader + article on the Urban Solutions for a Living Planet platform

How to participate in the EHCC

Register your interest by sending an email to the Bonn Center for Local Climate Action and Reporting (carbonn Center), carbonn Team at carbonn@iclei.org with copy to the WWF international EHCC team at ehcc@wwf.se to receive more detailed information about the initiative, technical webinars, and more support available.
Report for EHCC directly online on the cCR platform or by filling in and sending the offline reporting sheet to carbonn@iclei.org. Report the relevant information to cCR before November 13, 2015, the closing date for EHCC candidates. Register on cCR here

For more information check out the global Earth Hour City Challenge website.

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