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Rencontrez les gens derrière le Panda

Megan Leslie
Présidente et chef de la direction
Photo: © Meghan Tansey Whitton / WWF-Canada

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Mary MacDonald
Vice-présidente principale et directrice générale de la conservation
Stephen Hutchinson
Premier vice-président aux opérations et chef de la direction financière
Martha Hancock
Vice-présidente principale, Développement

?We all need to think more about what we?re fighting for. Real inspiration, real change, comes when we have a clear vision of the world we want ? a world where nature is healthy and strong and where human communities are happy and prosperous.?

Mary has built and led collaborative and innovative conservation initiatives across five continents. In southern Africa, she conducted fieldwork documenting the environmental and social impacts of mining and built an action coalition of community groups, scientists, aid agencies and mining executives. From Stockholm, she contributed to drafting the United Nations Convention on Climate Change and was a part of a team of European Union scientists writing protocols for integrating scientific findings into decision-making. From Washington, Mary co-led a World Bank project that established sustainability roundtables in more than 40 developing countries. At the City of Toronto, Mary initiated the roll-out of more than 10 new initiatives including the Climate Change and Clean Air Action Plan, the Renewable Energy Action Plan and the Green Economic Development Strategy. Mary has held positions at the Metcalf Foundation, the Stockholm Environment Institute, the United Nations, and the World Bank, the Earth Council, the City of Toronto and with an international engineering firm. In addition to her work at WWF-Canada, Mary was an advisor to Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City in his capacity as Chair of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.


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Gail has over 25 years of financial leadership experience in the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors at both national and international organizations. Most recently, she worked for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation as the Senior Director of Finance and prior to that held senior financial and leadership roles, including CFO, at Nestle Waters North America and Pepsi-Cola Canada.

Her family hails from the Maritimes, where Gail was able to see firsthand the importance of water to sustain life of all kinds. As a result, she has had a lifelong interest in water and the health of our watersheds. She still remembers the first time, as a child, she became aware of the plight of an endangered species ? it was the mighty right whale, which takes up residence in the Bay of Fundy in the summers.

Gail devotes much of her free time volunteering for her local community in Oakville, curling, walking, and reading. She lives with her husband David and cat Molly.

?From a very young age I wanted to work with remarkable people, doing remarkable things. This desire has fuelled my work and allowed me to help make our world a better place to live, not just for now, but for the future.?

A consummate fundraiser, Jay has spent over thirty years working with not-for-profit organizations, seeking to help make a difference and leave a lasting impact for future generations. His efforts have positively contributed to the Canadian Diabetes Association, Plan Canada, The Donwood Institute, the YMCA and most notably his seven years with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, where among other things he was responsible for the CIBC Run for the Cure. In his current role, Jay is responsible for providing leadership and direction for all fundraising programs, all donor and supporter campaign planning, management and stewardship. Jay?s desire to always surround himself with extraordinary, passionate and driven Canadians makes his work often feel a lot like play. And for this reason he has the keen ability to leverage his surroundings to always be thinking about ?What Next? and how to push the envelope to increase untapped funding potential. Jay is a graduate of the University of Toronto. Jay?s most memorable moments growing up were spent ?cottaging? with his family in the Kawartha?s. So there is no time more precious to him now, than the days, weeks and weekends that he can canoe and kayak at his own cottage, followed by end-of-day sunsets on the dock, cheesies, white wine and green olives, surrounded by his partner and their daughters.

Photo : © Mary MacDonald
Photo : © Glenn Lowson / WWF-Canada
Photo : © Evan Aagaard / WWF-Canada
  • Jessica Park

    Vice-présidente, Arctique

  • Sigrid Kuehnemund

    Vice-présidente, Océans

  • Monte Hummel

    Président émérite

  • Peter Ewins

    Spécialiste sénior, Espèces

  • Hussein Alidina

    Spécialiste sénior, Océans

  • Andrew Dumbrille

    Spécialiste sénior, Navigation durable

  • Doug Chiasson

    Spécialiste sénior, Pêches arctiques

  • Brandon Laforest

    Spécialiste sénior, Espèces et écosystèmes arctiques

  • Elizabeth Hendriks

    Vice-présidente, Eau douce

  • James Snider

    Vice-président, Science, recherche et innovation

  • Jeffrey Chu

    Directeur, Ressources humaines et opérations

  • James Casey

    Spécialiste sénior, Eau douce

  • Heather Crochetiere

    Spécialiste, Eau douce

  • Colleen Parker

    Spécialiste, Arctique de l'Ouest

  • Anthony Merante

    Spécialiste, Eau douce

  • Catherine Elizabeth Paquette

    Spécialiste associé, Eau douce

  • Sophie Paradis

    Directrice pour le Québec

  • Sarah Winterton

    Directrice, Économie et communautés engagées pour la nature

  • Rinjan Shrestha

    Spécialiste sénior, Mammifères tropicaux

  • Emily Giles

    Spécialiste séniore, Conservation des espèces

  • Simon Mitchell

    Spécialiste sénior, Eau douce, fleuve Saint-Jean

  • Kim Dunn

    Gestionnaire, Gouvernance nationale des océans

  • Sarah Saunders

    Spécialiste, Conservation maritime et énergies renouvelables, Océans