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WWF-Canada and Coca-Cola in Canada partner on freshwater conservation and climate protection

Posted on 30 October 2008
The Niagara River flowing toward Lake Ontario, with Canada on the left and the United States on the right.
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WWF-Canada and Coca-Cola Ltd. today announced a three-tiered partnership to conserve freshwater and fight climate change.

The partnership components are as follows:

1) Coca-Cola in Canada made a four-year, $1 million commitment to WWF-Canada to fund freshwater expertise, work with First Nations, communities, forestry companies and other interested parties to undertake conservation planning within the Skeena watershed in British Columbia, and to develop a Canada-wide freshwater strategy. This commitment to WWF-Canada is incremental to a $20 million global partnership announced last year between The Coca Cola Company (TCCC) and the WWF global network.

2) Coca-Cola Ltd. and Coca-Cola Bottling Company are also confirming water conservation and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets for their Canadian manufacturing facilities. The Canadian GHG emission reduction targets support targets set globally by TCCC, which have established them as a WWF Climate Saver company, a program where leading corporations partner with WWF to set and meet ambitious targets to voluntarily reduce their GHG emissions.

3) Coca-Cola in Canada and WWF-Canada will partner to help inspire and engage Canadians to live more sustainably. As a first step in its 2008 holiday ad campaign, Coca-Cola in Canada will raise awareness for polar bear conservation and the need for action on climate change. Through this program, Coca-Cola will make an additional $100,000 donation to support WWF-Canada’s polar bear conservation efforts, as well as to encourage Canadians to get involved with and donate to WWF.

“Freshwater conservation and climate change are the two greatest environmental challenges facing Canada and the world. At WWF, we feel that leading businesses can make a positive contribution to these issues,” said Gerald Butts, President and CEO of WWF-Canada. “We applaud Coca-Cola for their commitments and for joining us in tackling these crucial conservation challenges.”

“We are proud to bring our global partnership with WWF to life in Canada.” said Nikos Koumettis, President, Coca-Cola in Canada. “We hope to make a positive difference by reducing our footprint, investing in conservation, and dedicating our marketing resources toward fighting climate change to protect the polar bear.”

While many assume Canada has an endless abundance of freshwater, according to a recent report from the Gordon Water Group of Concerned Scientists and Citizens entitled Changing the Flow: A Blueprint for Federal Action on Freshwater, only 6.5 per cent of Canada’s freshwater — and just one per cent in the Great Lakes — is renewed annually by rainfall, run-off and groundwater supply.

Today’s Canadian announcement coincides with a global announcement made by TCCC and WWF, whereby TCCC has committed to the following water and energy efficiency targets:
  • Improve water efficiency 20 percent by 2012, compared to a baseline year 2004.
  • Grow the business, not the carbon system-wide and aim for a 5 percent absolute reduction in Annex 1 (developed) countries. The emissions targets apply to manufacturing operations in the year 2015 compared to a baseline year of 2004.

“WWF’s partnerships with private-sector organizations like Coca-Cola not only provide critical funding for our conservation programs, but also give us the opportunity to work together with the business sector to increase their commitment to sustainable development and environmentally sound practices,” said Butts. “By working together, we can achieve far more for conservation than either organization could accomplish alone.”

WWF-Canada is part of WWF, the world’s largest conservation organization. At WWF we advocate and promote lasting solutions to the challenge of balancing growing human need and environmental sustainability. In collaboration with business, government, communities and individuals we take a science-based approach to the protection, management and restoration of environmentally sensitive parts of our planet. Our work includes visionary projects focused on climate change, freshwater and the health of habitat and species across Canada and around the world. For more information about WWF-Canada visit www.wwf.ca

Coca-Cola in Canada
The Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest beverage company. In Canada, the Company is represented by its subsidiary, Coca-Cola Ltd. (Coca-Cola Canada). Coca-Cola is Canada's largest beverage company. Coca-Cola Canada markets three of Canada's top nonalcoholic sparkling beverage brands, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Sprite, in addition we are the largest juice and juice drink company with Minute Maid, Five Alive and Fruitopia and the leading ready to drink tea producer with Nestea. The Company also markets DASANI, PowerAde and other hot and cold beverages. For more information about Coca-Cola Canada, please visit our website at www.coca-cola.ca or our parent company's website at www.thecoca-colacompany.com

To learn more about our global partnership, please visit www.thecoca-colacompany.com or www.worldwildlife.org.

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The Niagara River flowing toward Lake Ontario, with Canada on the left and the United States on the right.
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