Former President and CEO, WWF-Canada

Gerald Butts

Gerald is the former President and CEO of WWF-Canada, the country’s largest environmental organization. WWF focuses its efforts and global resources on tackling our most significant conservation challenges. This includes visionary projects focused on climate change, oceans, freshwater and the health of habitat and species across Canada and around the world.

Prior to joining WWF, Gerald was Principal Secretary to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty where he worked directly with the Premier, Cabinet and Public Service to develop, implement and communicate the government’s agenda. He was intimately involved in all of the government’s significant environmental initiatives, from the Greenbelt and Boreal Conservation plan to the coal phase-out and toxic reduction strategy.

Gerald holds an Honours B.A. and M.A. from McGill University, where he studied English Literature and Theology. He wrote his M.A. thesis on James Joyce’s Ulysses. Gerald has taught Literature, Communications and Political Science at McGill and York universities.
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Gerald Butts
Former President and CEO