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Climate & Energy Publications & Reports

As part of WWF-Canada’s commitment to lead with science, we produce a wealth of publications each year. These range from leading-edge scientific studies on the most pressing environmental concerns of our times, to magazines and newsletters aimed at bringing the results of the work we do to the interested public. To find other documents published by WWF throughout our global network, please visit

Feel free to redistribute the reports below; we only ask that you cite WWF where applicable.

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The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA)
A WWF study shows global warming could fundamentally alter one third of plant and animal habitats by the end of this century. A predictive study published in the scientific journal Nature indicates climate change could cause extinction of more than a million terrestrial species in the next fifty years. The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA), produced by more than 250 scientists and six circumpolar indigenous peoples' organizations, proves that climate change is happening and will get worse in the Arctic.

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