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WWF-Canada Volunteer Awards

WWF-Canada proudly recognizes the support, dedication and enthusiasm of all of our volunteers. The following awards have been established to recognize volunteers who exceed our expectations and surpass typical involvement.    

David Lin Memorial Award

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The David Lin Memorial Award was created as a lasting tribute to one of WWF’s finest volunteers; David Lin. David dedicated his time and his talents in ways too numerous to list. From the Canada Life CN Tower climb to the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, David was there. He introduced staff at events, solicited donations on our behalf, and even donned the Panda costume. With his wife and three children always by his side, his family became part of the fabric of WWF. And David, himself, was integral to the fabric of our larger community. Donating 600 to 700 hours every year, David was named one of Canada’s Top 25 Canadian Immigrants and was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.  David passed away in March of 2013.

The David Lin Memorial Award is presented annually to the volunteer who makes exceptional contributions to our Volunteer Program.  It is the Program’s highest accolade.

Past Recipients

2015 - Sue Grant
2014 – Gino Spatafora

2013 – Wanda Hall


The 50+ Club

Each year, WWF recognizes volunteers who donate more than 50 hours to our causes.  In 2015, the following individuals volunteered were welcomed into The 50+ Club:


Alice Bao Leah Flanagan
Sharon Beauregard Korie Geroche
Leslie Breadner Sue Grant
Kawsika Chandirarajah Wanda Hall
Justine Cheruel Gail Hamel
Wesley Chua Tina Hui
Irene Denver      John Mackie
Sylvia Douglas     Stefania Marchetta
Alvin Fan Crystal McGraw
Laura Miller Anjanie Persaud
Ty Nanayakkara Angelique Singh
Anna Welch  



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