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Volunteer Spotlight

John Mackie

Donor Relations Volunteer
Toronto office
Volunteer since: September 2014

What inspired you to volunteer at WWF-Canada?
I have been a supporter of WWF for a long time, but I attribute my interest to my youth and summer holidays in the 1960’s when my family rented a cottage from a man who was a botanist at the University of Toronto. He would lead nature walks with a local group of cottagers and regularly held slide shows of the many local plants and wildlife.
How have you benefited from your volunteer experience?
I feel while volunteering at WWF that I benefit from the work and interaction with the team as much as I help with their efforts.  I find that while there are many things that I have been exposed to that I wasn’t aware of before, working with the Fresh Water team on their grant projects gave me insight into the many areas where we work and how many more need even more attention. I have since visited conservation sites and seen them with new respect for nature and the effort needed to protect it.
What did you learn about WWF, species or conservation that you didn't know before you were a volunteer?
I would have to say that I knew very little of the Narwhal before I worked at WWF and find them to be quite fascinating.
What’s your favourite species or wild space? 
Generally, I find my favourite wild spaces are anywhere near water, especially fast moving water.
How do you connect with nature outside of your volunteer shifts at WWF?
I don’t necessarily think that I do a very good job of connecting with nature in the city, but I keep connected by loving my cat and dog, and by visiting the Cherry Beach Dog Park so our French Bulldog can have a good run with other happy dogs.

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