Volunteer Spotlight: January 2017 | WWF-Canada

Volunteer Spotlight: January 2017

Freya Nales
Shipping Sector Research & GIS Support Volunteer
Ottawa office
Volunteer since: May 2016

What inspired you to volunteer at WWF-Canada?
I have always appreciated WWF-Canada’s balanced and diplomatic approach to conservation - working collaboratively with industry to improve environmental standards in every sector from forestry to fisheries. So when I was speaking with one of my previous colleagues this past spring about re-entering the workforce after being a stay-at-home parent for several years, I jumped at the opportunity to volunteer for Sustainable Shipping at WWF-Canada.

How have you benefitted from your volunteer experience?
Other than the chance to build my work experience and practice skills that I haven’t used for a while, like scripting, researching and developing a presentation, I’ve benefited from the connections that I’ve made with WWF-Canada staff. It’s always inspiring to interact with so many people dedicated to wildlife conservation.
What did you learn about WWF, species or conservation that you didn’t know before you were a volunteer?
Working on Sustainable Shipping, I have learned a lot about the shipping industry and the advances that are making shipping more energy efficient. It’s been fascinating to learn about the various technologies, from waste heat recovery aboard ships to on-shore power supply at ports.
What’s your favourite species or wild space?
Maybe it’s because some of the first field work I did was with tortoises, but I’ve always had a soft spot for turtles. With four at-risk turtles species in our area, it’s always exciting to spot some turtles basking in a pond on one of our family hikes.
How do you connect with nature outside of your volunteer shifts at WWF?
I connect with nature through walks in my local greenspace during the week, and by hiking, orienteering and cross-country skiing with my family on the weekends.

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