Volunteer Spotlight: March 2017 | WWF-Canada

Volunteer Spotlight: March 2017

WWF-Canada is fortunate to have committed, talented and passionate volunteers who donate their time and talents to help build a future where people and nature thrive.

Through our monthly Volunteer Spotlight, you can get to know these amazing people and find out what inspired them to take action for nature.

Jocelyn Cerezo

CN Tower Climb Volunteer
Volunteer since: 2012

What inspired you to volunteer at WWF?
I am a volunteer addict. I am always involved with many charitable organizations. Volunteering gives me such a rewarding feeling knowing that I made a difference and set a positive example for my children. It's important to me to lend a helping hand to a good cause.

How have you benefitted from your volunteer experience?
It's such a great feeling to see the same enthusiastic people every year as well as meeting new faces. I am especially happy to see young ones involved; spending their time helping out. Raising awareness is the key to the success of this amazing organization. WWF is devoted to the conservation of the wildlife which aligns with my values. 

What did you learn about WWF, species, or conservation that you didn’t know before you were a volunteer?
I learned that there are such truly amazing people that run this organization. As for the species: Narwhal – the ‘unicorns of the sea’. I had never heard of this species before. So I believe that a unicorn of the land does exist.  

What’s your favourite species or wild space?
I am an animal lover. I love Siberian Huskies, it’s my top choice. I was fortunate enough to adopt a Siberian Husky last year. Having a dog gives me a different perspective on life. I have become more sensitive to the treatment of animals. 

How do you connect with nature outside of your volunteer shifts at WWF?
Having a dog makes me spend time outside enjoying the beauty of nature. I live in the city and spend my time in open spaces and big parks for my dog to run around every day. I love nature. Ontario is blessed with so many beautiful parks.

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