Volunteer Spotlight: February 2017 | WWF-Canada

Volunteer Spotlight: February 2017

Amanda Donatelli

Database Administration Volunteer
Toronto office
Volunteer since: February 2016

What inspired you to volunteer at WWF?
WWF has been on the front line of protecting the Arctic.  When I saw the amazing progress that was being made in places such as Lancaster Sound, I wanted to help out and be a part of it in any way that I could.  

How have you benefitted from your volunteer experience?
Volunteering at WWF gives me a chance to meet very amazing and caring people.  It’s really a great and rewarding environment, and I feel lucky to be a part of it.  I always look forward to my volunteer shift.   

What did you learn about WWF, species, or conservation that you didn’t know before you were a volunteer?
I didn’t realize just how large of an organization WWF Canada is, but I understand that it takes a great many dedicated people to make the kind of impact that they do. I also was very surprised to find out that Toronto’s former mayor (and one of my favourites), David Miller is the CEO!  

What’s your favourite species or wild space?
The boreal forest, which covers much of Canada, is my favourite “wild space”.  It is one of the most pristine ecosystems in the world, and because of this, it is one of the most vulnerable as well.  I just love to go on weekend trips and explore crown lands in Northern Ontario – so beautiful and easily accessible being only a few hours from most of Canada’s populous areas.   

How do you connect with nature outside of your volunteer shifts at WWF?
I love to be outside and try to get out and explore as often as I can.  I am also interested in sustainable living.  I buy locally produced food and this past summer I planted a balcony garden, which supplied (and is still supplying) most of my vegetables.  My partner and I also forage in urban green spaces; apples, wild grapes and dandelions just to name a few!

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