Volunteer Spotlight: November 2016 | WWF-Canada

Volunteer Spotlight: November 2016

Jason Masters

Panda Mascot Volunteer
Toronto and surrounding area
Volunteer since: April 2012
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What inspired you to volunteer at WWF-Canada?
I decided in 2012 that I would do more volunteer work.  As a long time donor with the WWF it just made sense to look into their opportunities.  They were looking for CN Tower Climb volunteers on their website and ‘Panda Mascot’ stood out for me.  Everyone at the Climb were so amazing and I had so much fun I've been doing it ever since.

How have you benefitted from your volunteer experience?
Besides the wealth of knowledge that I have gained from the WWF staff.  The kids I meet always manage to teach me new dance moves and handshakes.  Being Panda has even got me other mascot jobs.
What did you learn about WWF, species or conservation that you didn’t know before you were a volunteer?
So many things to mention but the one that sticks out was talking with David Miller about the work being done in Lancaster Sound and everything that goes on behind the scenes with companies, government, and community groups in order to establish a protected area.
What’s your favourite species or wild space?
That's a tough question.  I guess the obvious answer would be Pandas but I'd probably have to say Polar bears. They are such an iconic species in the Great White North and the first that I think about when talking about climate change and habitat loss.
How do you connect with nature outside of your volunteer shifts at WWF?
As an avid runner, most of my training takes place outside.  To avoid the monotony of running through the streets, I prefer running through parks and ‘green spaces’.

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