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Monte Hummel

President Emeritus

“If there is a Heaven, it is here on Earth.”

As a young boy, Monte Hummel moved to Whitedog Falls in northwestern Ontario, where his father worked in a hydro camp in the bush north of Kenora. Ten years after leaving, he revisited his home river to discover it had been contaminated with mercury, leaving the Ojibway community there in social and economic despair. This personal experience led to a lifelong career of environmental advocacy.
In 1978, Monte joined WWF-Canada as Executive Director, later to become President. Under his leadership, WWF helped downlist over 30 wildlife species from Canada’s official Species at Risk list. And through WWF’s Endangered Spaces campaign, over 1,000 new parks and wilderness areas were designated—doubling the amount of protected area in Canada. After 26 years as executive head of WWF-Canada, Monte became President Emeritus in 2004.

Monte has two grown children, Robin and Doug. When he is not on the road, at his desk, or hiking and canoeing from his cabin at Loon Lake, he lives quietly in the country with Sherry near the small town of Beeton, Ontario.


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Monte Hummel 
© WWF-Canada
Monte Hummel
© WWF-Canada
LIVES & WORKS IN: Lives in the country, near Beeton, and works in Toronto, Ontario


Honourary Doctorate, University of Toronto, Ontario

Master of Arts in Philosophy, University of Toronto, Ontario

Master of Science in Forestry, University of Toronto, Ontario

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, University of Toronto, Ontario


FAVOURITE SPECIES: red-breasted nuthatch

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Monte went to Woodstock for his honeymoon, plays guitar and piano, and is a wilderness canoe and fishing guide.


•    Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, 2013
•    Douglas H. Pimlott Award, Canadian Nature Federation, 2005
•    Lifetime Achievement Award, Canadian Geographic, 2004
•    Queen’s Silver Medal, 2003
•    J.B. Harkin Medal, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, 2001
•    Officer of the Order of Canada, 2000