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Two polar bears on a piece of ice in the Arctic Ocean, Svalbard 
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WWF-Canada Five-Year Plan, 2015-2020

In Canada we have natural riches like no other place on Earth. They’re the breathing, pulsing spaces that sustain us. Places that only we can protect and restore. Yet in Canada, wildlife is in trouble. And when nature falters, so do we.

By working with a wide array of partners and communities, WWF-Canada is building working examples to demonstrate that victories for nature are victories for people.

We’re lining up carbon-free energy that preserves the places key animals and plants live; harnessing smart conservation investments; inspiring new ways of shipping goods to sustain people while protecting wildlife; growing crops that also nourish nature; spurring community wealth by building marine protection solutions and fisheries that can last.

These are the kinds of solutions that will boost both nature and the economy.

It's time. It's possible. We know how.

Recognizing Canada’s bounty of nature and species, we are committed to:

In the next 5 years much of our work will focus on defining and expanding practical, new and better ways of creating this future.

Working with our partners and drawing on science and innovation, WWF-Canada will focus on:

Demonstrating the Possible

By 2020, WWF-Canada will use six new approaches to demonstrate that healthy ecosystems can go hand-in-hand with strong local economies and community well-being. Not only is balance possible – it’s essential.

  • Implementing habitat-friendly renewable energy
  • Creating low-impact sustainable fisheries for community prosperity
  • Growing climate-friendly sustainable crops
  • Executing best shipping practices for conservation and community
  • Holding marine protected areas to a high-standard, resulting in benefits for both species and communities
  • Facilitating impact investment for conservation

We will begin by working in iconic Canadian spaces that are high in ecological riches and are facing existing or pending development pressures.

Our first focus includes iconic, majestic places like the Northwest Passage, St. Lawrence River and Estuary, Grand Banks, Bay of Fundy and St. John River, Salish Sea, Skeena River and Estuary, and the Prairies.


Fostering a Deeper Connection to Nature for 3.5 Million Canadians

By 2020, WWF-Canada will foster a deeper connection to nature for one in ten Canadians.

Every day, more Canadians are waking up with the urge to lighten the human load on our planet. They’re taking action, seeking solutions, dreaming of an economy that we can build together, one that will make sure nature flourishes forever. We’re going to harness all that drive and use it to help Canadians get closer to nature.

© Hero Images/Getty Images / WWF-Canada
© Hero Images/Getty Images / WWF-Canada
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© Scott Gillingwater
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Contemplating sea ice.
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