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Science in Action

Explore the map below to see how WWF uses science on the ground to advance conservation goals.


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WWF-Canada Projects

From speaking out for species to conserving wild places, learn more about the pioneering ways WWF puts science into action in Canada and around the globe.

  • Turning Down the Volume on Ocean Noise
  • Marine Cumulative Impacts
  • Smart Fishing
  • Fisheries Financing
  • Recovering Sharks
  • Recovering Right Whales
  • Conserving Eelgrass Habitat in the Skeena Estuary
  • Engaging for Change Along the St. John River
  • Mapping Canada’s Free-flowing Rivers
  • Measuring Freshwater Health
  • RACER: Identifying Arctic Resilience
  • The Last Ice Area
  • Smart Oceans Planning in the Beaufort Sea
  • Responsible Hydroelectricity
  • Putting Canada’s Renewable Energy on the Map
  • The Living Planet Report
  • Stopping Illegal Wildlife Trade
  • Adapting to Climate Change in Canada’s Pacific Region
  • Skeena River Watershed Conservation Project