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Where Your Money Goes

Financial stewardship is key to achieving our conservation and fundraising goals, and fulfilling donor expectations. We therefore ensure we have:
  • a strong internal control environment;
  • effective governance over all operations; and
  • an annual independent audit of our financial records.
In addition to producing our annual report, we provide detailed stewardship reports to all our major donors that describe how their money was spent and the conservation gains that were achieved with these funds.

In the year ended June 30, 2019, we raised $25.3 million and invested $18.0 million in our conservation work.


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What is WWF's approach to compensation?

At WWF, we recognize that fair and appropriate compensation is one part of attracting and keeping the top-quality staff that our effectiveness as Canada’s largest international conservation organization depends upon. Many roles at WWF require a combination of specialized education, expertise, and effort that reflects the nature and complexity of the work we do. As we set staff salaries, we try hard to balance the need to attract and retain talented experts with our commitment to carefully steward donors’ generous gifts.

Each year, WWF’s governance committee reviews the compensation packages for our most senior staff members and sends their recommendations to our Board of Directors for approval. You can find information about WWF’s highest compensated employees (during 2017) on the CRA website.

If you have any questions or would like more information about how WWF receives and spends donated funds, please contact Stephen Hutchinson, Chief Financial Officer, at: shutchinson@wwfcanada.org or 416-484-7709.