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Give a Panda Room to Grow

Know someone who loves pandas? They'll love it if you give a panda room to grow for them.

Gifts for a Living Planet – Make Them Smile!

  • Give a gift that makes a real difference.
  • Receive a personalized certificate that shows you care.
  • Help link and expand bamboo forests that will give pandas room to roam.
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Give this gift

Buy this gift right now and for only $100, you'll also be linking bamboo forests with this gift. Making it easier for pandas to find food and mates.

No matter how iconic or universally loved the panda is, it is still under immediate threat.

Panda populations once spread from southern and eastern China to parts of neighboring Myanmar and Vietnam.

Due to human encroachment and loss of habitat, the panda is now confined to small, isolated patches of forest in the mountains of southwest China.

When you Give a Panda Room To Grow, you are helping to link and grow isolated panda habitats with corridors of bamboo forest.

Like a bridge connecting an island, this will allow the remaining pandas to extend their range. So they find more food and increase the likelihood of interaction with other pandas adding to the panda population.

With your gift
, WWF will be able to protect and grow the panda's home.

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