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Workplace Gifts

Contributing to WWF-Canada’s conservation efforts is a great way to provide recognition to colleagues while supporting meaningful conservation efforts and demonstrating your commitment to the planet. Your donation will leave a lasting legacy and make your company a partner in WWF-Canada’s important work.

There are many reasons and opportunities to give:
  • Celebrating employee dedication and hard work
  • Welcoming newcomers to your organization
  • Recognizing a birthday or anniversary
  • Rewarding team members for a job well done
  • Celebrating the holidays
Your contribution to WWF-Canada is a meaningful and unique way to show your appreciation for a colleague while treading lightly on the planet.

Give A Gift

  • Click here to donate on behalf of one individual
  • To arrange your gift for multiple employees or clientele, please contact our Donor Relations team at 1-800-26-PANDA (72632) to arrange your Workplace Gift. We have a variety of cards that are perfect for any occasion!